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Security Camera St. Louis

Security Cameras - St. Louis, Mo.

The Security Camera business in St. Louis is booming

St. Louis is a beautiful U.S. city with amazing parks, historic streets, lush landscapes. The city also has a darker side, one steeped in crimes including vandalism, property theft and physical muggings. Most midwest cities and even smaller towns have crime and that is why Security Cameras have become a vital resource. 

Security Cameras St. Louis

Neighborhood watch groups, residential homeowners and businesses alike are implementing security cameras to deter crime but also to support their stand point if ever falsely accused videos cannot tell a lie, providing vital images to law enforcement when it’s counts. In cold cases a little goes a long way. It is the foremost truth and “reality relinquishing” form of evidence in any type of crime or court proceeding.

Security Cameras protect your home & business alike.”

Security Cameras in the home

Many homes today are equipped with residential security cameras.  Residential security cameras come in an outdoor type of security camera  or indoor.  The major difference in the two types of cctv being how they will stand up to weather conditions. In St. Louis Missouri the extreme weather conditions fluctuate so much through the season most security cameras will not last but a couple years. It’s important to make sure the cameras you are going to own have a strong warranty and are rated for the cold and rain. Our security cameras are the rated for the outdoors built to stand up to the snow and cold. Our warranty is just as rugged. We offer security cameras to every part of St. Louis and St. Louis county, we also include all of St. Charles and St. Charles County. Basically if you are in and or around ST. Louis Metro give us a quick call if you have questions as to whether or not we offer residential security cameras in your neighborhood.  

Security Cameras for the business

Building a business isnt easy and the last thing you want is for your hard earned work and “inventory” slipping out the back door or to not know gas is being pulled out of all of your vehicles at night. A security camera for your shop can give you a feeling of confidence that things are as they should be and instill trust because you know you have it covered. Trust can be hard to maintain when you have a lot of money and copper sitting in a warehouse or scrapyard, having video surveillance is the best policy even beyond property theft. If someone says they slipped and fell in your business and you don't have a camera to prove that they didn't it’s your word versus theirs. All the spaces where customers can violate the trust of your business should be under surveillance for the validity of future insurance. Security cameras protect your home & business alike. We offer many types of security systems with multi-lense types, night vision, motion detection, Zone limiting as well as many other advanced features.

Security Camera Systems can be found at big box stores but unfortunately these camera systems will not hold up to the extreme weather.  Before owning a camera system take a minute to look at the security camera reviews. It’s sad but a large majority of security cameras just won't pass the test.  The most expensive camera you ever own is the one that lets you down in a moment that truly counts. Try Eagle Eye Security Cameras for yourself.  When you see your cameras on your phone from you car you will feel more confident that your home or office is not going to be as vulnerable and if something bad does happen you will know at the time and be able to react and also have evidence to provide to law enforcement. Be safer with a security camera system.

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